14516507_1809646692654180_5674219002807427145_n (1)Green PAINTERLY is a collection of Ramon Kassam’s essay’s and reviews on Irish painting and related subjects.

Painting as a field of contemporary artistic practice has become increasingly visible and accessible via online platforms. This is as a result of its inherent foremost characteristic as a visual medium.  Photogenically it is perfectly suited to the growing optic languages of websites, social media and the blogosphere. Although this trend of increasing visibility has its merits, one issue is that by virtue of these processes, the contextual relationships of practices are absorbed into more universal discourses, narratives and readings. This flattening of discourse dilutes the means to consider how painting emerges out of relationships to the site of its production. While painting has always been considered in terms of the broader historical and universal contexts of the medium, reading painterly endeavours in the context of activities related to Ireland, may have the potential to make visible the more distinctive engagements between artists and their world. 


Paintings form the basis of Ramon Kassam’s practice. His work re-connects with the concept of the artist as creative subject, combining the thematic of the artist’s workspace (canvas, studio, gallery and environment) with formal and conceptual references to the autonomous reality of modernist abstraction. The paintings are the result of an intuitive reshuffling and re-contextualisation of studio activity, art histories, biographical elements and formal structures.

Ramon Kassam